Wigwam Motel III

Title: Wigwam Motel III

Location: Holbrook, AZ

Subject: Vintage Motel and Classic Car on Route 66

Sizes: 8"x8" to 24"x24" (HxW)

Orientation: Square

Aspect Ratio: 1:1  


Frank A. Redford was the first to put into practice the odd (but correct) notion that Americans would want to sleep in concrete replicas of Indian tepees. He opened his Wigwam Village No. 2 in Cave City, Kentucky, in 1937 (Village No.1, a smaller prototype in Horse Cave, KY, was bulldozed in 1982). Chester Lewis, an Arizona motel owner, visited Redford's village not long after it opened, liked the idea, bought the rights to the design, and erected four more Wigwam Villages over the next two decades. The motel in Holbrook was built in 1950 and is among three that survived and still operate today. The others are the one in Cave City, KY and another one built by Redford in Rialto, CA. The Wigwam Motel in Holbrook closed in 1982, and Chester Lewis died in 1986. His widow and children, however, still believed in Chester's dream, restored and reopened the 15 rooms in 1988, and continue to operate it. Since the Wigwam Motel stands adjacent to what was once Route 66, it draws a lot of business from nostalgia buffs. The Lewis family caters to this crowd by recreating a 1950's-era motel, from seeding the parking lot with vintage cars to not showing up in the office until four o'clock in the afternoon.

Wigwam Motel III