Redtop Diner

Title: Redtop Diner

Location: Edgewood, NM

Subject: Wildlife West Nature Park

Sizes: 8"x8" to 24"x24" (HxW)

Orientation: Square

Aspect Ratio: 1:1


Another great example of a Valentine diner is the one for the Redtop Hill. These diners were manufactured in Kansas from the late 1930s into the mid-1970s. Valentines were small 8 to 12-seat diners with a limited menu, making them ideal for a one person operation. They became very popular and soon Valentines were all over the United States. The Redtop Hill Diner was originally in Magdalena, New Mexico as Archie's Place but was moved to a property on Route 66 in Edgewood, New Mexico. The Red Top Hill diner is no longer in service and now sits at the Wildlife West Nature Park in Edgewood, NM.

Redtop Diner

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