El Modelo

Title: El Modelo

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Subject: Vintage Neon Restaurant Sign on Route 66

Sizes: 8"x8" to 24"x24" (HxW)

Orientation: Square

Aspect Ratio: 1:1


El Modelo began in a three-room home at 1715 2nd Street in April 1929. One room of the house became the "factory" where Mrs. Carmen Garcia made tortillas by hand. She would get up every morning at 2:00 am and have them ready to sell for breakfast. The tortilla business proved to be successful, so Mrs. Garcia hired Petra Vargas to make tamales. Eventually, Petra taught the whole family to make tamales. Today, in the same building where it was born, El Modelo Mexican Foods has a fantastic menu and proudly continues to serve the Albuquerque area.

El Modelo

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